Marijuana- Legalize, Regulate, Study

We must end the federal prohibition on cannabis. There has never been a better time to legalize marijuana!

States like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, and others, are seeing benefits from marijuana legalization. 

Benefits from marijuana legalization include:

  • Creation of a new industry with high paying jobs
  • Increased tax revenue
  • Currently known and potential medical benefits
  • Directly combats against opioid abuse

Ending marijuana prohibition also includes the pardoning and immediate release of low level drug offenders. We should not put anyone in prison for possession of a harmless substance.

Hemp- Prosperous and Versatile

Hemp is an extremely versatile crop and has been grown for thousands of years.

Hemp seeds are used for their fiber and oils, they can be used as a food source and is entirely non-psychoactive. 

Hemp stalks can be used in a variety of ways including cordage, clothing, biofuel, paper products, and more.