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We must push to reverse the Supreme Court's decision on Citizens United and eliminate secret donations -- "dark money." Our representatives should be concerned about those they represent and not the billionaire donors and corporations that strive to control our economy and our political system. I promise to never take any corporate PAC money. 


Legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use will help provide much needed tax revenue and create thousands of new industry jobs.

Anyone working full time should not live in poverty. Providing a living wage and ensuring that workers share in the profits they help create for corporations.  

It is crucial that we secure legal protections for those brought to the country as children, but with tougher border protections. Dreamers and DACA recepients are just as American as you and I are. They should stay, contribute, and be provided a path to citizenship.

I believe access to quality health care is a fundamental right, especially for our veterans returning home, and that all residents of the U.S. should be covered for all medically necessary services. I will push and support a single payer healthcare system or Medicare for all. 

I actively support a woman's right to choose, and advocate to keep abortions safe and legal. We need to expand on programs like Planned Parenthood to provide access to contraception, screenings, as well as care before during and after pregnancy. 


North Carolina’s environment is truly extraordinary and is something we must protect and preserve for our children and future generations. 

We must make investments in global clean energy and new technologies—America should be the global leader in green energy.

We must reign in the reckless policies that only benefit Wall Street and the financial institutions, especially the big banks. 

We need to simplify the tax code and level the paying field for low-to-middle income Americans, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

I believe in protecting and expanding Social Security benefits and ensuring those benefits continue for generations to come.

I believe Net Neutrality has always been a design principle of the Internet, and should not be a partisan issue. 

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